About Sexual Violence


  • An estimated 20–25% of undergraduate women are victims/survivors of sexual violence, but 90% or more do not report the violence.
  • Sexual violence is prevalent throughout the country, however women between the ages of 18-24 are at risk of sexual assault at a rate three times higher than other women. 
  • Sexual violence can affect both a students physical and mental health which can impact their ability to learn, socialize, and develop professionally. 
  • Sexual violence is the most underreported crime. According to NSVRC, over 90% of sexual violence on college campuses in the U.S. go unreported. According to RAINN, less than 20% of female victims report their assault report to the police.
  • Women who are sexually assaulted or abused are over twice as likely to have PTSD, depression, and chronic pain following the violence as non abused women (Woods et al., 2005).
  • An estimated 40% of rape victims suffer from severe emotional distress (requiring mental health treatment) (Miller, Cohen, & Rossman, 1993).
  • 34.1% of students who have experienced sexual assault drop out, higher than the overall dropout rate (Mengo & Black, 2015).
  • More than 40% of college students who were sexually victimized also reported experiences of institutional betrayal (Freyd, 2018)