2023 Spring Week of Action

It’s On All of Us: Prevention In Your Community

Accessibility Is Prevention

Monday, April 3

Activities to host on YOUR campus:

Accessibility Mapping

Print out a university map and, with your It’s On Us chapter, take a tour around campus highlighting places that may be inaccessible for certain students. Return the highlighted map to your Chancellor or Title IX Coordinator’s office with the message that accessibility is key to prevention.

Host an on-campus Survivor Support Education Training 

Gather a group of students for an in-person or virtual training on your campus.

Workshop Materials


Tuesday, April 4

Activities to host on YOUR campus:

Open Mic Night

Host an open mic night for LGBTQ+ students to speak on issues of survivorhood, healing, & self empowerment through poetry, performances, singing, etc.

I’m An Ally

Table in a high-visibility area on campus and pass out buttons/stickers with the phrase, “I Believe LGBTQ+ Survivors”.

Policy Whizzes

Organize an It’s On Us chapter meeting to sift through your university’s handbook, spotting out any policies that explicitly protect LGBTQ+ students. Make sure to check out your school’s prevention programming and see if it includes visibility for LGBTQ+ students. Highlight the policies (or lack thereof) on your It’s On Us Instagram account.

Host an on-campus WTF Is A Healthy Relationship Education Training

Gather a group of students for an in-person or virtual training on your campus.

Workshop Materials

Off the Bench, You’re Up

Wednesday, April 5

Activities to host on YOUR campus:

Temp Tattoo 

Pass out these temporary tattoos to athletes or use a Sharpie to write #ItsOnUs on your arm ahead of a big game to spread awareness on bystander awareness.

Ambassador Program

With support from your Athletics Department, scout out athletes that will serve as It’s On Us Ambassadors. As the semester progresses, have Ambassadors wear swag material and represent the It’s On Us mission & brand at school events & programs.

Students On the Street

Interview students across campus asking how they’d intervene in a hostile situation, posting their responses (with their permission) on your It’s On Us chapter’s Instagram account.

What We Say When…

Set up a table in a high-traffic area on campus and, using an Expo board or large sheet of paper, have students write affirmations to survivors (e.g., “I believe you”, “You’re not alone”, “This was not your fault”, “You’ll always have my support”).

How to Be a Big [Bystander]

Thursday, April 6

Activities to host on YOUR campus:

Host a Documentary Film Screening.

Co-host an It’s On Us club screening  of the Hunting Ground with a fraternity/sorority on campus, ending with a Post-Film Discussion on creating safer environments for students. 

Teal Time

 In partnership with your campus sororities & fraternities, wear teal ribbons, shirts, & swag in support of survivors.

Poll the Besties

Using the Instagram Story Poll feature, ask folks how they’ve set boundaries in their relationships (without being awkward). Tag at least 6 Greek Life organizations to share and repost on their Instagram Stories.

Host an on-campus Peer to Peer Bystander Intervention Training 

Gather a group of students for an in-person or virtual training on your campus.

Workshop Materials

Shifting Campus Cultures

Friday, April 7

Activities to host on YOUR campus:

Host a Jeopardy Game on campus

Partner with another organization on campus to host a jeopardy game where students are quizzed on general campus  sexual assault prevention questions.

Play the “Abuse Is Not Love” Card Game.

Gather students on your campus to play the Abuse Is Not Love card game, and ask one another questions about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. Fill out this form to request a card game.

Relationship Red Flags in Pop Culture. 

Have your chapter poster your campus with examples of Relationship Red Flags from television and movies.

Example of the 9 Signs of Abusive Relationships in Euphoria 

Denim Day

Ahead of National Denim Day on April 26, use your chapter’s Instagram account to educate your followers on why we wear denim in support of survivors.