It's On Us

Mission & Impact

The mission of It’s On Us is to build the movement to combat campus sexual assault by engaging all students, including young men, and activating the largest student organizing program of its kind in grassroots awareness and prevention education programs.

Since our launch in 2014:

  • It’s On Us Chapters have held 6,000+ educational programs on 500+ college campuses in all 50 States.
  • 440,000 people have taken the It’s On Us Pledge to stop sexual assault.
  • It’s On Us has produced more than 50 viral videos, digital activations, and other large-scale culture change moments.
It’s On Us is the only program of its kind to combine grassroots organizing with high-impact culture change campaigns through partnerships with media outlets, creative agencies, and influencers such as MTV, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. Through these partnerships, we reach millions of young people with critical prevention and associated messaging. For example, in December 2018 It’s On Us partnered with actress Alyssa Milano and a pro-bono creative agency to educate and activate young people in a campaign around the public Notice And Comment process for the Department of Education’s proposed changes to Title IX and campus sexual assault guidelines. The campaign’s video had 500,000 views on Twitter in less than 48 hours, and drove 120,000+ public comments over 60 days — breaking the Department’s record for the number of comments ever submitted on a federal regulatory change.

Our on-campus organizing work is grounded in a peer-to-peer sexual assault prevention education model that empowers students to teach one another sexual assault awareness and consent education, bystander intervention, and survivor support. It On Us currently supports 250+ registered campus chapters and affiliate programs nationwide. Student members of our chapters and affiliates are trained by It’s On Us through in-person and webinar events to implement our free-to-use educational tools on their campuses, reaching tens of thousands of students per year with critical sexual assault prevention lessons.

Our programming is centered around key moments during the school year, with additional ongoing prevention education events happening throughout the year:

  • Back To School: It’s On Us Chapters hold educational events during orientation with first-year and transfer students
  • Fall Week of Action: It’s On Us Chapters nationwide rally for one week during Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) to hold campus-wide events to educate their peers on dating and domestic violence
  • Spring Week of Action: It’s On Us Chapters nationwide rally for one week during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) to hold campus-wide events to educate their peers on sexual assault
  • During the Fall and Spring Weeks of Action our Chapters educate between 40,000–60,000 students nationwide.
  • In 2019 It’s On Us held the first-ever National Student Leadership Summit to Combat Sexual Assault at Ohio University. The Summit trained hundreds of our chapter leads in key prevention education and affiliated topics that they took back to their campuses this year and implemented on their own — reaching tens of thousands of students.