It's On Us

It’s On Us

Our Story

It’s On Us was founded in September 2014, as a public awareness campaign of the Obama-Biden Administration, following recommendations from the White House Task Force to Prevent Sexual Assault that noted the importance of calling everyone into the conversation on sexual assault prevention.

Since then, It’s On Us has grown into the nation’s largest nonprofit program dedicated to college sexual assault prevention, training a national network of student-led campus chapters to become peer-educators; developing suites of prevention education programs tailored to meet the unique needs of historically excluded and underserved student populations; and conducting and publishing research to expand the field of knowledge on violence prevention and inform our work. 

Our Mission

It’s On Us’s mission is to build the movement to combat campus sexual assault by giving students of all identities, especially young men, the tools to address the cultural norms at the root of sexual harm. We do this by activating the largest student organizing program of its kind in grassroots awareness and prevention education programs.

Our Vision

It’s On Us envisions a world in which no student graduates college having experienced sexual violence because we have created a culture of prevention within higher education.