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Peer-Education training Program

WTF *is* a Healthy Relationship

This program is part of a larger suite of programs designed to educate students on intimate partner/dating violence. This suite of programs was developed with the support of YSL Beaute as part of their global “Abuse Is Not Love” Campaign.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Define and/or identify what behaviors, characteristics and feelings constitute a healthy relationship.
  • Recognize that healthy relationships exist on a spectrum of relationship behaviors, and be able to identify when a healthy relationship is potentially becoming unhealthy or abusive.
  • Understand the psychological and physical benefits of being in a healthy relationship. 
  • Be able to build healthy relationships for themselves – whether they are platonic, romantic, or familial. 
  • Be prepared to serve as peer-educators on this program within their campus communities.

Supporting Materials